Cynthia Meyn- Independent Director
Board Member
Member of the Board
Cynthia Meyn is a self-employed transaction execution specialist for private equity, focusing on financial services. Her clients are insurance carriers, investment managers, commercial banks and broker dealers. Previously, she served as Chief Operating Officer of Venerable Holdings, executive vice president and head of operations globally at PIMCO, managing director at Morgan Stanley, and Chief Technology Officer of Mizuho Capital.

Cynthia currently serves as an independent Special Advisor to Reverence Capital Partners, a private equity firm that acquires financial services and financial technology companies. Cynthia is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Smith College, the Board of Directors of the Duke Management Company (DUMAC), and the public Board of Directors of ZeroHash. She previously completed a five-year term serving on the Board of Directors of the DTCC, and a six-year term serving on the Board of Managers of Omgeo.

Cynthia has been published by The Actuary and Harvard Business School, among others. She holds a BA from Smith College and an MBA from Duke University.

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